WAVES is offered each week and is integral to the early intervention program. It provides children with an opportunity to learn through play in an informal group setting while being encouraged to develop their social and communicative skills. WAVES allows parents and staff to observe the child’s overall development in a social environment and a scheduled parent meeting time (Parent Support Group) provides parents with an opportunity to share ideas and support each other. 

Music plays a key part in the WAVES program. Musical activities involve singing, experimenting with different musical instruments, and movement. Each session starts and ends with music and a sing-a-long. Parents report that their children have fun practising these songs at home.

Welcome to all, with a wave!

Acknowledge the critical nature of early intervention

Values of family, community, professionalism and laughter!

Engaging and Evaluating children in a social context

Sound waves connected to spoken language, Singing and Supporting parents to develop and grow with their children