At Catherine Sullivan Centre (CSC) we use music as a way of connecting in a fun and instructional way with all our children.  The benefits of music are endless. Research shows that regularly integrating music into an early intervention program is an effective way to begin teaching children the numerous sound attributes that can be found in both music and speech, such as pitch, duration, intensity, and timbre (Terrell, 2012).

At CSC music is a key instructional tool in all our services from the child’s Individual Therapy Sessions, to WAVES and during our Transition to School Group. Our children enjoy experimenting with musical instruments, playing around with different musical beats and rhythms and simply singing together with their parents and therapist.

Recently CSC employed the services of Nordoff-Robbins, Music Therapy Australia, University of Western Sydney, to embed music into our auditory-verbal therapy and curriculum.  Songs and musical activities have been developed to support curriculum areas of:

·         audition

·         cognition

·         speech

·         language

·         fine and gross motor skills

A Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapist in-serviced CSC staff in the use of music to support the delivery of all group and Individual Therapy Sessions. CSC staff work closely with parents to feel more confident and relaxed in using music and singing in their home and in our Centre.

Music is known to help with the acquisition of language in young children by:

·        replicating many of the characteristics of spoken and written language

·       encouraging auditory skills necessary for sound discrimination in building phonological            awareness.

·         increasing auditory attention and memory

·         allowing for actions to be linked with vocabulary in a fun way

·         helping to develop skills in syllabification of words

·         allowing for creativity to be developed and explored

·         being a great back drop for introducing Auslan and natural gestures

Children are naturally engaged by musical instruments and songs. On the other hand they can also be calmed and relaxed by a lullaby and soft rocking. Anything goes with music and it creates a fun win-win situation where everyone is included, parents, siblings, friends, while at the same time music can just be enjoyed.

At Catherine Sullivan Centre we love our Music!