Transition to School Group (TSG) is offered to children aged 4-6 years.

Starting school is an important milestone in a child’s life, particularly a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. Supporting children in successfully transitioning to school fosters a positive attitude for lifelong learning. Catherine Sullivan Centre recognises how critical it is for children with hearing loss to have a specialised program designed to cater for their individual needs. Our program is based on strong relationships and communication between the child, their family, early education services, the school and the community.

The program is a small group, five hours, weekly session. It focuses on developing intelligible speech and age appropriate spoken and functional language skills. It also encourages the child to learn how to work co-operatively in a small group and develop conversational competence. As well as developing social skills, we work on developing resilience and independence.

‘Sound Sense and Song’ is Catherine Sullivan Centre’s new initiative. It is a phonics-based program combining singing, music therapy and the evidence-based ‘Pre Lit’ program. Phonological awareness is a critical component in language and literacy development. It also poses as the biggest obstacle for children who are deaf. They are challenged in this area as they struggle to hear the sounds that make up words in spoken language. Phonological awareness skills are essential for reading and writing competence and furthermore, for learning in general. Children who are deaf or hard of hearing need explicit teaching. Our sing-phonics program will be the cornerstone of our Transition to School program.

Parents and children attend a group excursion that is planned and conducted by the TSG therapist each term.