Each child receives a regular Individual Therapy Session during each school term. During these sessions the therapist evaluates and monitors the child’s progress, determines an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in collaboration with the parent/s, and sets goals.  Strategies for developing these goals are discussed with, and modelled for parent/s.

Our therapists use a range of resources such as books, toys, games, music and familiar household items when working to achieve each child’s personal goals.

Parents are offered Individual Therapy Sessions in the home until the child has reached the maximum age of twelve months. These home-based sessions provide an opportunity for the therapist to demonstrate techniques parent/s can use in the child’s own home environment which will enable their child to learn through his/her daily routines. Home-based sessions also provide an opportunity for other family members to become involved.

Centre-based Individual Therapy Sessions with the parent/s are provided for children through to school entry.